Grant Selection Criteria

Organizations seeking partnership and funding from KCDF must meet the following selection criteria which shall include but not limited to:

  • Must be legally and locally registered with relevant authorities.
  • Must demonstrate mature, good governance and accountable leadership.
  • Must be grassroots organizations with experience in the implementation of economic and livelihood projects.
  • Demonstrate existence of governance and financial management systems.
  • Should demonstrate a clear track record that brings out credibility and experience from their side.
  • There should be a clear match between the mission of the project and the organization’s goals.
  • Organizations seeking grants should present to KCDF a project proposal and budget.
  • Evidence of community involvement in the proposed project.

In addition to the above, the project for support will be assessed by the following criteria:

  • Sustainability: Organizational capacity and expertise to continue the activities after the end of grant funding.
  • Results and Measurability: Well defined and quantifiable outcomes and outputs. All projects must demonstrate feasibility and show tangible outcomes.
  • Partnerships: Potential to initiate strategic alliances and bring different stakeholders together to increase success and scale.
  • Promoting Gender Equity: Promote inclusion and active participation of women.
  • Promoting positive Impact on Environment i.e. green enterprises.