Webinar: Building Financial Resilience for Civil Society Organizations


This year, KCDF is celebrating 25 years of investing in communities.

We want to appreciate all for attending our recent webinar event on Building Financial Resilience for Civil Society Organizations. In case you missed out on joining us, here is the webinar recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRrykRBT6Yo

The webinar sought to take a deep dive into how communities and organizations are finding different ways to reduce dependency on foreign funding and are exploring sustainable options for flexible funding.



Cyprian Kirera Riungu - Chairman - South Imenti Sustainable Education Fund (SISEF, a project of SIDA)

Mr. Cyprian Kirera Riungu is the Chairman of South Imenti Sustainable Education Fund (SISEF, a project of SIDA). SISEF is a Community Endowment Fund founded in 2005 to mobilize resources so as to improve education in South Imenti, Meru County. SISEF has been at the forefront in assisting needy students to enroll in different levels of education.

Mr. Riungu is also the Chairman Board of Trustees of the Environment Insitute of Kenya (EIK), and a member of the Building Surveyors Registration Board (BSRB). He has received honors including Head of State Commendation (HSC) and Honorary Fellow of the Commonwealth Association of Surveying and Land Economics (HFC). 


Kgotso Schoeman - CEO - Kagiso Capital

Kgotso Schoeman is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Kagiso Capital, an investment company established by Kagiso Trust (KT). He has been involved with Kagiso Trust for over 20 years and CEO for 10 years. He successfully managed Kagiso Trust’s transition from being dependent on international grants from donors such as the European Union, Japanese Government, and Swedish Development Agency, to a Trust that is now self-financed through its investment company. He was responsible for managing the R260 million annual budget of Kagiso Trust.

Over the years, he led the design of very strategic and important programs for Kagiso Trust and partner organizations. He led the team responsible for the design and implementation of the current strategy of Kagiso Trust, which has unlocked partnership funding agreements with the private sector and Government. The two flagship programs of Kagiso Trust are the R190 million partnership agreement with the Free State Education Department, and the R400 million partnership agreement between Shanduka Foundation, Kagiso Trust and the Free State Education Department.


Francis Kiwanga - Executive Director - Foundation for Civil Society

Mr. Francis Kiwanga has over 16 years of working experience in the legal and development industry. He has worked in senior management positions in various reputable organizations such as the Foundation for Civil Society, Matrix Consulting, Legal and Human Rights Centre, and the Tanzania Federation of Cooperatives.

Mr. Kiwanga commands strong managerial skills and a broad understanding of the development issues, civil society management as well as the private sector in Tanzania and the East Africa Region. He has extensive knowledge and experience in areas of Legal analysis, corporate governance, public policy, civil society organizations, mediation, and arbitration of legal disputes. He has also broadly consulted on grants management and resource mobilization, governance, natural resources management, and social enterprises.

He is a practicing advocate in Tanzania and an active member of various professional bodies including the East Africa Law Society, Tanganyika Law Society, and World Grant Makers Forum (WINGS).


Catherine Kiganjo - Team Leader - Institutional Strengthening & Capacity Building of Communities - KCDF

Catherine has worked at KCDF for the last 25 years serving in various capacities and has experienced its institutional growth over the years. She has over 15 years of experience in organizational development, people development, and corporate governance. She is passionate and experienced in the enhancement of institutions' capacity and the growth of diverse community assets to address both long- and short-term issues of interest to the communities they exist to serve.

She is currently serving at the senior management level as the Team Leader - Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building of community development organizations to strengthen their adaptability to serve their communities and financial resilience for sustainable development.


Jacqueline Asiimwe- Founder and CEO - CivSource Africa

Jacqueline is a lawyer, feminist, and social development thought leader. Jacqueline is the Founder and CEO of CivSource Africa. CivSource Africa is a philanthropy support organization that works to influence philanthropic practice in Africa. Jacqueline is working to shape narratives about giving, philanthropy, and the development contribution of Africa’s growing middle class that will extend opportunities on the continent.