The Pamoja4Change project is an administered competitive grant scheme for non-profits and other qualified civil society organizations with unique project ideas for community development.

KCDF coined the project Pamoja for Change (P4C) which essentially connotes a process of entrenching local giving by community members and other entities through coming together to resolve their development challenges which in turn build self-reliance and encourage positive development processes.

This programme is well aligned to KCDF’s theory of change which seeks to put the communities at the heart of identifying their own development challenges and coming up with home grown solution including financial solutions to respond to the development need while seeking very little or no external help from outside their catchment.

This has been a proven concept in KCDF’s perspectives of sustainable community development.

Historically, many non-profits in Kenya have traditionally depended on external donors to fund various community needs to the exclusion of existing resources which include both financial and non-financial resources that are innate to the communities they want to work with.

The culture of over-dependence slowly crept in and stifled growth in communities as most communities formed a persisting perception that they were poor and had nothing to contribute as well as sense of abdication of responsibility while relying on the donors be it government or institutional donors to come to their aid.

KCDF, has sought to change the existing narrative on two main fronts; that communities are incapable of raising financial resources to fund their development needs and secondly, dissuading the psyche of communities on over-dependence on 'outside help' while equipping them with the necessary skills and confidence to raise resources for community needs within their locality.

Qualified organizations in the initiative are required to raise at least 50% of the funds needed for the project through community actions and KCDF will match the other 50%. The project is supported by Wilde Ganzen, a Dutch Non Governmental Organization.

The 50% of the project cost agreed on between KCDF and the organization, seeking the partnership must be submitted to KCDF in monetary terms before disbursement of the match portion. 

The most innovative project proposals chosen will receive grant amounts of between Kes. 500,000 and Kes. 1,000,000.

Proposals to be submitted can focus on any of the following areas:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Improving access to basic social services for the wider community
  • Women and girl child empowerment projects
  • Environmental conservation and climate change mitigation
  • Food security
  • Information, Communication and Technology (ICT)
  • Projects targeting persons living with disabilities in the community

Forming Partnerships

This matching model encourages applicants to come on board with local partners i.e partners within Kenya. Partners can be pooled from the relevant community members, corporate sector, private enterprises, business associations, government agencies or even individual donors.

To date, KCDF has partnered with over 35 registered community organizations to implement various projects from a cross section of thematic areas such as health, education and green energy under the grant. 

Take a look at our journey in promoting community giving and philanthropy here.


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