TechSoup Kenya

TechSoup Kenya is a technology donation and discount program that was established in 2009 with the primary objective of assisting nonprofit organizations, public libraries, and faith-based organizations in Kenya by providing software and hardware at low or discounted fees in partnership with ICT donor partners.

Implemented by KCDF, TechSoup Kenya aims at supporting these organizations in maximizing their ICT purchases and infrastructure by enabling nonprofit organizations access software and other ICT solutions at discounts of up to 95% of the retail value. These substantial cost savings allow organizations to allocate their limited resources more effectively towards their core mission and programs.

TechSoup Kenya is a part of the larger TechSoup network, which operates globally. With offices in San Francisco, London, and Warsaw, TechSoup's mission is to ensure that every nonprofit organization worldwide has the necessary technology resources and knowledge to operate at their full potential. Across more than 100 countries, TechSoup and its nonprofit partners have distributed over 10 million technology products to more than 700,000 nonprofit organizations, resulting in significant cost savings totaling over $5 billion.

TechSoup Kenya is open to all nonprofit organizations in Kenya with formal nonprofit status. In addition to meeting the general program eligibility criteria, organizations are required to meet the specific requirements set by each technology donation partner. This ensures that the technology donations and offerings are targeted and tailored to the specific needs of the organizations.

We continue to actively work towards expanding our technology donations and offerings by collaborating with other leading local and international technology vendor companies. This continuous effort broadens the range of available resources and solutions, further supporting the nonprofit sector in Kenya and the entire East Africa region.

TechSoup Kenya also serves as the regional center for the East Africa region, extending its support to nonprofit organizations throughout Kenya and other East Africa countries that hold formal nonprofit status. As the focal point for the region, TechSoup Kenya plays a pivotal role in meeting the technology needs and requirements of nonprofits operating in the region’s diverse social and geographical landscape.

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