Access to and control of resources is a prerequisite for self reliance at national and community level. Control of these resources allows communities to address those issues that most concern them - free from external conditions of funding.

As an organization that champions sustainability, KCDF overall aspiration is to be a resource that supports organizations supporting community development in perpetuity.

To achieve this, with support from partners and indeed prudent investment, KCDF has invested substantial funds whose returns will be used to support community development, in the long term (i.e. Endowment Funds).

Endowment funds are resources invested with the aim of utilizing the accrued earnings for grants to development projects over both short and long term periods. They are permanent because the principal amount is never spent and grows with time, ensuring that resources for goals set are always available.

Endowment Building

Sustainability is at the heart of KCDF’s work. In line with this, the Foundation maintains an endowment. These funds are managed in perpetuity and whose proceeds are invested in social community development projects.

KCDF also provides a platform for individuals, community organisations and other entities to develop and sustain an endowment fund for development purposes. This includes community endowments and legacy funds.

(i) Community Endowments

With KCDF’s support, communities organise themselves, raise funds and build an endowment that guarantees permanent support for their needs

(ii) Legacy Funds

KCDF facilitates the establishment of individual, family or company endowments in support of causes that they are passionate about.

Most of the fund builders under the programmes are community based organizations who contribute towards the pool from amounts ranging from Kes. 500,000 ($5000) to Kes. 30 Million ($ 300,000).

As part of its efforts of growing the endowment from Kes. 340 Million ($ 4Million) to Kes 1.2 Billion ($ 12Million) as stipulated in our Strategic Plan, KCDF has bolstered its fundraising initiatives which encourage more local giving by individuals and corporate organisations, growth of community funds to promote sustainability of their initiatives as well as prudent investments by the organisation.