Community Funds

These are permanent funds put into the endowment for the benefit of communities in a particular geographical area. Once it is in the endowment pool, it is available for any development purpose in that geographical area.

Any Kenyan community can raise funds to build its own endowment for the benefit of the people (community) in a particular area. The earnings are then made available for development purposes or particular cause.

Most of the partners under our thematic areas are community based organizations who contribute towards the pool from amounts ranging from Kes. 500,000 ($ 5000) to Kes. 30 Million ($ 300,000).

The minimum amount to set up an endowment fund with KCDF is Kes. 500,000 ($ 5000). Although sums as little as Kes. 100,000 ($ 1000) can be accepted. However, funds must be accumulated to the minimum amount for disbursements to begin.

Any amount will be accepted as a contribution to an already existing fund.