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East Africa Financial Resilience Resource Hub

Kenya Community Development Foundation (KCDF) is a core member of the East Africa Financial Resilience Resource Hub (FRRH), a five-year program that incorporates the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS), Tanzania, and CivFund-Africa, Uganda. The three partners are co-creating a hub that will work with civil society in all its diversity including organizations, organized groups, movements, activists, and minority groups, to re-affirm visions from, and capacities in the Global South, consolidate the Global South’s role in building resilient and impactful institutions and help develop a South-based network of financial resource hub that permeates dominant Global North paradigms of institutional development and resilience.

The Financial Resilience Resource Hub is guided by its impact statement which is, a financially resilient indigenous civil society ecosystem, able to generate, build and manage resources sustainably to advance its social justice goals.

With support from the Ford Foundation, the financial resilience resource hub is working toward the following specific outcomes:

  • Small and medium-sized East African civil society organizations are more compliant in their operations;
  • East African civil society actors, especially those in underserved regions have greater access to financial and technical capacity services;
  • East African civil society actors are less dependent on foreign funding and are increasingly exploring options for flexible funding and locally-rooted business models;
  • The Financial Resilience Resource Hub is well coordinated, with a shared vision enabling effective collaboration, learning, and resourcing in the interest of the local East African civil society ecosystem.

The hub’s mission is to provide technical and financial resources to advance the capacities of civil society, community-based groups, and other formations’ ability to fundraise, manage resources, comply with financial requirements, and diversify their funding base.

The Financial Resilience Hub provides the following Services:

  • Capacity support in asset building, for example, endowments;
  • Compliance support;
  • Creative grant-making that supports financial resilience;
  • Coaching and mentoring in financing models for sustainability;
  • Conducts financial fitness boot camps for leaders who want to strengthen their physical and financial muscles.

The Financial Resilience Hub Coordination and Strengthening:

The hub is coordinated by a steering committee and has adopted a rotational coordination approach among the three partners. Each partner takes a leadership role for one year. The steering committee is composed of the executive directors of the three organizations as well as two other senior staff from each of the organizations. The committee serves as the ‘de facto’ Board of the Hub, making key decisions on the overall direction of the regional hub and it meets quarterly.

The hub also has a Coordinators Committee that runs the hub’s day-to-day activities. The Coordinators Committee is composed of the three Coordinators and three Monitoring and Evaluation Leads drawn from each of the three co-creating countries. The Coordinator’s Committee meets twice a month to track the progress of the hub in the spirit of co-creation. The core Financial Resilience Hub partners lead work that is in line with their expertise.

Below are links to the Financial Resilience Resource Hub co-creating partners.


Foundation for Civil Society

The Financial Resilience Resource Hub is part of other three East African Hubs which include:

  1. Digital Resilience hub (
  2. Protection hub; and
  3. Wellness hub.

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The East Africa Financial Resilience Resource Hub is part of the Ford Foundation's Weaving Resilience Initiative which supports civil society organizations in the Global South with financial resilience.

Here is a short video explainer on the Ford Foundation's Weaving Resilience Initiative.

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