Nkoilale Women Beadwork Craft Centre Making a Difference

Nkoilale is a small town located in Mara Division of Narok County in Southwest Kenya. The community around Nkoilale is predominantly pastoralist. The Nkoilale Women Beadwork Craft Centre project is

Entrenching Local Resource Mobilization: Paradep Green Revolution

Participatory Research Development Program (PARADEP) in partnership with KCDF through the matching grant Pamoja4Change, initiated a Green Revolution Project in three schools based in Bondo

Tapping into Local Resources: Change the Game Academy (CtGA) Fundraising Training in Kenya

Participants from all over the country were gathered in Nairobi, Kenya for a week-long training of the fourth phase of the Local Fundraising (LFR)

Borehole Project Brings Water Closer To Malaa Community

Malaa community is located in Tulimani, deep in Mbooni West Makueni County, around 75km from the large and vast Nairobi capital center. This community of roughly 1300 residents has for the past years been tackling a great challenge-water shortage.

Innovative farmers in Murang’a set up biogas 'factories' in their homes and boost their annual produce

It is wet, cold, and foggy as we make our way into Murang'a. There is a continuous drizzle in Gakoeini village, located a few kilometers from

Fighting the Beads of Bondage

Visitors often marvel at the beauty of the colorful beads worn by women in the Samburu community. For Rampaini Letereuwa, however, the red beads that

RISE Solar Lighting Project

RISE Solar Lighting Project

RISE (Regional Institute for Social Enterprise) in partnership with KCDF installed solar powered electricity panels at Itumbe Primary School through a community initiative aimed at providing a better learning environment for pupils in Mwingi District.

BYE Biogas Project

BYE (Boosting Young Entrepreneurs) Community-based Organisation is implementing their energy programme known as the Kigumo Green Development Project

Entrenching Local Giving in Nkoilale

As one traverses the expansive wildlife migratory corridor of Kenya’s famous Maasai Mara, one can’t help but marvel at the scenic beauty inter-laced with the wild game roaming freely. Maasai Mara Game Reserve is perhaps the most visited park in East and Central Africa and has been in contention to be named as the eighth wonder world of the world during the infamous wildebeest migration.

Clean Energy - Narok County

The wider Narok County has witnessed its fair share of drought and famine due to changes in the climatic patterns of the area caused by massive deforestation and environmental degradation of the Mau Forest.


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