Young Woman’s Changing Fortunes after receiving Vocational Skills Training

Joan Asena’s childhood was not particularly rosy, and her parents’ separation only made the situation worse. Her mother had to struggle to make ends meet for her and her younger brother. Employed as

In Pursuit of His Passion

Since childhood, Brain Bedi always wanted to become an electrician cum businessman. However, the 22-year old was clueless on how to turn this passion

Unlocking the Future through Technical Skills Learning

Tucked away from the fast-paced and scenic Kenyan capital’s central business district is the sprawling slum of Kangemi, whose pavements are littered

Nurturing Creative Skills in Youth as a Livelihood

The tale of Miss Koch Kenya, a youth empowerment organisation in one of Nairobi’s largest informal slums, Korogocho, mirrors the world-famous Beauty

Improving the Livelihoods of Women in Korogocho through Slum-Based Daycare Centers

Nestled in middle of the Korogocho slum lays a safe haven for women and their children. Sarafina Daycare has been taking care of children at a small

VICOCAP Improving Economic Lives in Kibera

Christine Abonyo came to Nairobi back in 1987 in search of better job opportunities from her rural village in Nyanza county. She had taken a short

Bringing hope to Kibera’s single young mothers

In 2007 when Damaris Okong’o, 35, set up a hair salon in Kibera, she was very determined to make a break-through and get into the list of entrepreneurs who built business empires from scratch. 

Cases of Child Abuse Reduce in Slums

Yvonne Atieno, 13, knows too well what it means to live in slums where violence and child-abuse is rampant and an every-day occurrence. The first born in a single-parent-family of four children, Atieno’s early years were full of various forms of child abuse at home, school and in the neighborhood.

Phone Application Gives People with Epilepsy a New Lease of Life

Like any public health facility, the first sights that capture attention of visitors to Karen Health Centre are huge posters with health messages

Sex Workers Stepping Up and Stepping Out

When Redemptor Nduku, 40, left her husband in 1999, she was determined to give her two children a better life.

Health Education Providers Acquire Sign Language Skills

The words by Lou Ferrigno, an icon to the deaf community who overcame hearing difficulties to succeed in film and fitness industries, seem to be the driving force behind the determination of the Deaf Ability Initiative (DAI) to improve the quality of life for the deaf.

Strengthening Community Organisations for Prosperity Mukuru Fuata Youth Association

As a group of KCDF officers park their vehicle along the busy Enterprise Road in Nairobi Industrial District to access the ‘Fuata Nyayo’ Slum, the

Project Boosts Livelihoods for Young Urban Farmers

Traders shouting for attention of passers-by, loud music blaring from tin-shack bars, drunken men staggering on the roads and rivulets of raw sewer flowing in every direction are easily evident as we make our way through the densely populated Nairobi’s Mkuru Kayaba slum.

Solar Project Lights Up Lives in Kibera Slum

At 37 years old, Jane Mueni, has been through difficult times in life. Her husband deserted their home in Kibera slum, leaving her to take care of their two children despite
having no meaningful source of income. 

Nutrition-based businesses power lives of HIV-positive Women and Youth

It’s midday in Kibera and on the sides the winding dirt passage ways in the informal settlement , a group of residents stand around two charcoal stoves with large cooking pots (sufurias) of steaming githeri (boiled mixture of beans and maize) and beans stew.

Artisans double earnings as project opens up market opportunities

Kibera, which is one of the largest urban slums in East and Central Africa, has a large population of youth and a high unemployment rate, which contributes to drug and alcohol abuse, prostitution and crime.

Mobilizing PWDs into Mainstream in Machakos County

People Living with Disability (PWDs) are among the most marginalized groups in different communities. For most, there is nothing much to speak about their lives beyond their limitation, stigma and discrimination. Begging is a common way of life where PWDs depend on well-wishers for their needs.

Taking Action to Lift the Lives of People Living with Disability

Kennedy Siocha has been working for the Ministry of Agriculture for more than twenty years. Without a vision, Kennedy has always known that he is one

Youths Exploit Art Talent to Earn Decent Living

At 30 years old, Daniel Odinga, has been able to inspire other youths in Nairobi’s sprawling slums of Kariobangi and Korogocho to realize and exploit their talents for improved livelihoods.

Keeping the Peace

Animators for Development (AfD) community based organization received a grant through the Kibera Fund in an effort to implement civic engagement projects with a strong peace building component before and after elections.

Mwangaza Poa Project

Riziki Kenya is a welfare and community development organization formalized in year 2001 to engage in the empowerment and transformational development in various projects in Kenya. Riziki Kenya’s mission is to transform lives through providing and enabling environment for holistic child development and empowering the community for self reliance.

No more hard work without play for the Children of Malindi

Welcome to Malindi, a relatively small town in the coast of Kenya and home to the Malindi Bay.


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