Education Impact Stories

KCDF works to improve education for children, especially the most marginalized in society. The education thematic area work aims at building the capacity of different stakeholders in the education sector to improve on holistic approaches of implementing education programmes for children and youth.

The work also seeks to build on synergies of different education sector players who include government, private sector and the community. All these is to enhance access, retention, transition and quality both at basic and tertiary levels of learning.

Girl child programme stories focuses on young girls and select boys in Kenya who have received education, mentorship, give back, empowerment and employment readiness through the programme.

MENTENDA initiative stories focuses on young men who have gone through the boys value based mentorship programme. The programme's objective is to nurture young men to be confident and responsible while unlocking their potential to become leaders in their different spaces of influence.

Chandaria scholarship stories focuses on students from across the country who have been supported with partial scholarships through the Chandaria Foundation.