Yassir Ali

Yassir Ali is a Fine Art graduate of Sudan University for Science and Technology, is inspired by Nubian culture, motifs and colors. A key aspect about his works is the consistent endeavor to capture ‘systematic beauty’. His work is greatly influenced by textile design work which has led to his easily recognizable ‘miniature paintings within a paintings’ style. He encourages dialogue between the audience and his artworks with a challenge to ‘see beneath the beauty’.

He has held over 15 solo exhibitions in spaces in Nairobi including RaMoMA, The Kenya National Museums and at The UN.

For an art collector, he offers great potential as his art career in just maturing. He has been practicing for the last 12 years and is a member of the Almada Art Union for Sudanese Artist.

Yassir Ali is based in Nairobi.

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