Joshua Mainga

Joshua Mainga was born and raised in Nairobi. His father was the late John Ben Mainga who was famed for his leather and canvas batiks having exhibited in Galleries across Europe, U.S.A and East Africa.

Having learnt the practice by observation and involvement in his father’s work, he decided to take after him in re-telling the numerous stories and folklore that he had heard from both his father and grandfather. He practiced what his father had taught him and used it to tell the stories with his own strokes.

He has participated in various joint exhibitions at the Kenya National Museum, Essajee Amijee Gallery, Braeburn School Art Fairs and RaMoMA Museum of modern art.

Joshua is a surrealist who mainly uses acrylics on canvas and occasionally on wood to create unique pieces about various traditional stories, objects and lifestyles using unique, native and exotic patterns, shades, colours and feelings to represent the cultures, lifestyles, emotions and folklore of the Kenyan people. Take time to study his works, A lot lies in the layers.

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