David Maina

David Maina creates his art using line patterns as the foundation. With such a base, his art work has three different layers that blend to one cohesive painting and can individually be a standalone piece of art if separated. The first layer is the basic subject which can be a face landscape or abstract shape. The second layer is the line pattern and the third layer is the hidden message found in the line pattern.

His work has evolved during the art practice. It started off with graffiti elements then moved to
Pointillism and now line patterns. The hidden messages have also evolved into a symbolic script created and based off on the English alphabet. This is just to give the audience an “iconography” type of experience as they enjoy his work.

He draws his inspiration from street art, from his love for technology and puzzles. Maina has participated in over 10 exhibitions including at the World Youth Alliance Art Forum held in November 2013 at New York and the Kampala Art Auction held in October 2016 at Kampala.

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