Joseph Cartoon

Joseph Cartoon, formally Known as Joseph Njuguna, Cartoon emerged into the Kenyan art scene in 1994 when he sold his first piece to Ruth Schaffner, the then Director of Gallery Watatu. He had been practising under the watch of Shine Tani, an arts heavy weight in Banana area. Since then, his career has grown tremendously both locally and internationally. He is one of the most collected artists in Kenya.

The self-taught Cartoon has participated in over 50 group exhibitions and 8 solo shows in Kenya, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Denmark, Japan, Korea among other countries.

In 1999, his works was chosen for the cover of the Contemporary African Art, a prestigious annual catalogue on Contemporary African Art. In 2001, he won the prestigious Royal Oversees League Award, having been the only nominee from Africa. This earned him a two year residency in the UK.

Since 1996, Cartoon has annually participated in an Art Auction in North Ireland to raise funds for schools in slums in Nairobi, Kenya. Hundreds of children are beneficiaries of the initiative.

Cartoon lives and paints at Banana hill, Nairobi.

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