James Njoroge

James Njoroge is a graduate of Kenyatta University, a Master of collage and caricature. His works are largely snippets of his immediate surroundings; the lovely Lamu fronts, a visit to an upcountry shopping centre, a demo in the streets. He loves to experiment in different mediums and styles with a particular fascination in incorporating collected items in his work. A juxtapose of elements, giving them new meaning to reference his reflective thoughts. James is firmly in the future of Collages in the region … his choice of medium coupled with the delusory ease of execution as he determinedly airs both calming and sobering contents makes his thought provoking pieces to study and love – he is a worthy comparison technique-wise to the legendary Rosemary Karuga and conceptually to the raw Wangechi Mutu.

In this show, he exhibits studies of Lamu from a visit and the civil strife as he has felt it recently.

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