Fitsum Behre

Fitsum was born in Ethiopia. Later, he moved to Eritrea where he completed his studies in painting, sculpture and print making at the Asmara School in 2000. Fitsum moved to Kenya in 2003 where he has been creating artwork that explores the relationship between man and his environment.

His sizeable, intense portraits are an enquiry in to the social, political and geographical influences in the construction of identity and the self. Using a hypnotizing palette, his paintings are a contemplation of the human form and condition. Applying generous strokes of bold acrylic colour, he forms the features and physiques of real and imagined subjects.

Fitsum’s figure paintings express intense emotion; raw sentiments that seem to resonate with the viewer. His unique use of colour and contrast, light and shadow, work to emphasize their expressions, capturing the fervour of the human spirit and the intensity of our being.

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