Emily Odongo

Emily Odongo’s abstract paintings, above all, convey emotion operating within the tensions between stillness and movement, solidity and transience, colour, light and texture. Typical of acrylics on canvas, and often on a large scale, they maintain a freshness that enables the discovery of something new and exciting at every viewing.

Emily Comments, “I paint instinctively and aim to make works which combine an unfiltered visceral impact with a cohesive refinement that resolves into a distilled response to an emotional experience, whether triggered by nature, people or a particular frame of mind.” She adds, “The spontaneity and undefined barriers that abstract painting gives back is a wonderful feeling. Creating a painting is for me a search for harmony; one in which I am allowed the freedom to express myself without judgment or restraint.”

For Emily, painting is an external expression of her inner life — and one that has found echoes in the hearts of art lovers throughout the world. She is widely exhibited and collected internationally, both privately and by corporate bodies.

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