Camille Wekesa

Camille Wekesa was born in 1968 in Kenya to a Kenyan father and Italian mother.

In 1996, she started Art School in Italy where she spent two years at the L’Universita’ Internazionale dell’ Arte and studied different painting techniques, fresco painting, the History and Criticism of Art, Museology and the preservation and restoration of artworks. She then joined the Istituto Europeo di Design in Rome and Milan focusing on design and oil painting.

In 2009, she returned to Kenya from London and currently lives in Nanyuki, one of the most beautiful conservation areas in Kenya, where she has been painting in situ and recording iconic scenery and world heritage sites both in mural format, large scale oil canvasses and gesso paintings. Her latest oil paintings are from around the Mt. Kenya area and from her travels to Tsavo and Kitale in 2013.

Camille works primarily as a mural artist both in Kenya and internationally on a commission basis with themes based on African wildlife, nature, landscape, flora and fauna. She is also experimenting with the medium of gesso panels to complement the mural work and exploring layering techniques through delicate use of tempera and the effects of light on gesso panels

Camille has held over 10 exhibitions largely in Kenya and the U.K. She is a highly sort after and accomplished muralist.

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