About the Product Donation Programme

KCDF believes that Civil Society Organizations (CSO’s) are a powerful force for social benefit in the world.

We believe that their impact can be expanded exponentially through better application of technology as a way of creating an efficient and effective environment for them to deliver their critical mandate.
KCDF in partnership with Techsoup, a San Francisco-based non-profit technology capacity building organisation have initiated a technology donation and discount programme christened Techsoup Kenya.

The Techsoup Kenya programme assists all CSO’s in Kenya with formal Non-Profit status access donated software for free or at very low administrative fees, thereby helping them make the most of their ICT purchases and infrastructure. Whilst the administrative fees vary, eligible CSO’s will still make savings of between 92-96% on the typical retail prices. The discounted product donations free-up stretched CSO’s budgets for both their technology priorities as well as other core programme areas that they implement.

Through the platform, Techsoup Kenya has partnered with global ICT manufacturers such as Microsoft, Google, Symantec, Tableau and Bitdefender to offer more than 110 software products to registered CSO’s in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Burundi.


You can choose from hundreds of professional and enterprise Microsoft products to make your organization more efficient, effective and innovative in achieving your set mandates.


Here's how get started with TechSoup Kenya product donation programs:


For more information on how you can make a purchase on the different software offerings;

Please click here to download the catalogue

Visit www.techsoupkenya.or.ke for more information on the programme


Contact: TechSoup Support on 0790476499 or 0722168480, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



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Technology Donation Programme

TCSO’s in Kenya with formal Non-Profit status can now access donated software for free or at very low administrative fees.

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