Policy, Research and Advocacy

KCDF believes that in order to ensure communities pursue sustainable development and social justice; KCDF must be able to influence and foster favorable policy frameworks and an enabling environment for organized giving and social justice.

Research, advocacy and stakeholder engagement are seen as the key components in ensuring that KCDF is at the fore front of influencing the agenda.

Policy is as a result of practice and KCDF has over the years developed a knowledge base and best practice tools, through its engagement with both grass-root, national and international partners, which can be applied in fostering positive policy frameworks. In addition, well-articulated and drafted policies are more often a result of evidence based research and strong policy advocacy.

Our Involvement & Commitment to Change

KCDF is seeking to deepen ways in which it can collaborate with like-minded Public Benefit Organisations (PBOs), Researchers, Advocacy and Media groups in linking the voices of the poor and marginalized in the community and articulating such voices in policy relevant advocacy platforms.

KCDF also believes that there is a shared motive force between researchers, policy makers, PBOs and the media in ensuring that the policies developed seek to address the inherent rights of the poor and marginalized in the community as envisaged in the Constitution of Kenya.

These multi-pronged approaches are in line with KCDF’s theory of change and commitment towards developing innovative approaches that enable communities to “initiate their own solutions to development challenges affect­ing them and ability to harness and grow their own resources to respond to them as well as tap from other networks that offer relevant solutions.

Strategic Policy, Research and Advocacy Interventions

The strategic policy, research and advocacy areas currently being pursued by KCDF include:

  1. Working with others towards an enabling environment for CSOs, best practices and standards
    • Enhancing credibility, accountability and transparency among PBOs
    • Enhance partnerships and collaborations between CSOs, private sector and government
    • Adopt CSO standards (Viwango) and best practices for increased accountability and efficiency
  2. Facilitate research dialogue and advocacy for enabling policy frameworks for effective and sustainable philanthropy/giving/social justice in Africa
    • Multi-stakeholder approach to policy
    • Enhanced capacity of key philanthropy networks
    • Increased responsiveness from policy makers, communities, private sector and high net worth individuals towards the role of philanthropy and social justice
    • Movement building towards realization of social justice
    • Evidence based policy and advocacy development
  3. Working with others to foster and promote national, regional and global networks on/for philanthropy
    • Policy agenda on philanthropy and social justice influenced at the national, regional and global arena
    • Enhance cooperation and collaboration among philanthropy organisations and actors in Africa

Who do we partner with?

Southern Africa Trust, Strathmore Tax Research Centre, Aga Khan Foundation, Safaricom Foundation, KCB Foundation, The People Newspaper, Wilde Ganzen, Comic Relief, Ministry of Finance Treasury Department, Unclaimed Property Assets Register (K) Limited, CSO Reference Group, Chandaria Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Viwango, Africa Grantmakers Network, East Africa Grantmakers Association and Rattansi Educational Trust.

See below research, articles and clips of the work we do;

KCDF in collaboration with Strathmore Tax Research Centre launched a philanthropy report that looked into deepening the understanding of creating an enabling environment for philanthropy through tax incentives. Click here to read on the outcomes and download the report


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