Urban Livelihoods and Economic Development

Why Urban Livelihoods?

The KCDF Urban Livelihoods programme partners with local civil society organizations through projects that “alleviate poverty, strengthen the voice and improve the health of vulnerable people living in Kibera and other slums in Nairobi”.

Our Involvement & Commitment to Change

We support local urban community driven projects that seek to:

  • Improve the well-being of families, particularly child-headed and single parent households.
  • Improve the status and safety of women and the girl child.
  • Promote innovations in preventative health care support.
  • Promote skills development for entrepreneurship and employment creation.
  • Address access to quality water and sanitation.
  • Promote ethnic cohesion and peaceful coexistence.
  • Promote democracy and involvement of all in the implementation of Kenya’s Constitution and in the devolved governments.
  • Benefit the environment and/or combat climate change to ensure sustainable development and a healthy and safe environment for all.

We continue to make a difference

Each year and for the next three years starting 2012, KCDF will partner with and provide support to 25 local Civil Society Organizations that implement innovative and empowering projects responsive to the myriad challenges facing residents of Kibera and other informal settlements in Nairobi in attaining sustainable livelihoods and that have the potential to deliver lasting impact to an average 1,250 households and an estimated 6,250 direct beneficiaries.

Who do we partner with?

KCDF is partnering with Comic Relief, a UK-based fundraising organization that uses television and the power of entertainment to bring positive change to people living in challenging conditions in many parts of the world, but predominantly in Africa. We are working towards scaling up the initiative through partnerships with other like-minded development agencies to other urban communities in Kenya.

How can you participate?

As a grant making organization, we invite calls for proposals several times during the year. You can respond to our call for proposal or write to us to know what opportunities are available that fits your needs.


Support our work with community groups across the country.

Mpesa paybill: 522800


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Technology Donation Programme

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