Youth Development Program

Why Youth?

Youth in Kenya (aged between 15-35 years) account for approximately 60% of the active labor force, but the majority estimated at about 75% are either unskilled or unemployed, presenting the big challenge of job creation.

With about 800,000 young people entering the job market every year, it is our collective duty to create opportunities that translate to meaningful participation of youth in the development of their communities and the nation.

Our Involvement and Commitment to Change

KCDF made a choice in the year 2003 to deepen its involvement and investments in Kenyan youth, leading the way in designing and implementing national initiatives that target youth development. This is core to generational transitions in our communities in all spheres of leadership, accountability, participation in national development.

Our program focuses on life skills development, youth led entrepreneurship and employment creation. We invite youth led and youth serving organizations at the grassroots to partner with us in delivering support for the youth countrywide.

We Continue to Make a Difference

To-date, KCDF has worked with and reached more than 200 youth groups across the country, translating to more than 300,000 individual youth of ages between 17 and 35. We have through partnerships with the World Bank, Youth Employment Network and Education Development Centre invested more than US$3 million in youth led initiatives with significant impact on attitudes, behavior, life skills and opportunities, hence the shabaa concept of One Change – Infinite Opportunities. We invest grants of not more than US$10,000 per youth initiative for a maximum of q12 months and worth with our partners to build their capacity during the period.

Who Do We Partner with?

The World Bank, Japanese Social Development Fund, Education Development Centre, ILO/Youth Employment Network

How can you participate?

As a grant making organization, we invite calls for proposals several times during the year. You can respond to our calls for proposals or write to us to know what opportunities area available that fits your needs. You can also visit our website for more information.


Support our work with community groups across the country.

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