MENTENDA Initiative

Since time in memorial, the boy child has benefited from the warm and stewardship of a caring society that provided guidance, mentorship and direction. There were rites of passage that moulded boys to be great and cultivate ideals and virtues.

That has changed. A fast-paced society, globalization and survival for the fittest has denied the boy child in Kenya the all-important direction for survival, lifeskills and growth. Boys are now resigning to fate: drug abuse, immorality and crime. They are not unleashing their potential in areas of their choice: education, sports, craftsmanship among others.

MENTENDA Initiative

To respond to this, KCDF, a Kenyan Foundation that supports the sustainable development of communities in Kenya, started MENTENDA, an initiative that is inspiring the society to move from inertness to action on the pressing challenges facing the boy child in Kenya.

MENTENDA, a brand that connotes men taking action is a transformative mentorship and role modelling initiative that is bringing various partners to nurture and mentor boys between the ages 14 – 25 years to become confident and responsible men while unlocking their potential to become leaders in their spaces of influence.

Why this Initiative?

The boy child has received far less societal leadership, family guidance, and poor transfer of life skills from one generation to another. This phenomena, coupled with a weakening sense of counsel, protection, recognition and most importantly - love have made the boy child vulnerable to societal vices and a weak sense of self identity creating a growing challenge to families, communities and the nation at large.

Target Objective

Through MENTENDA, we target to reach 20,000 in-school, secondary school level boys directly in 20 secondary schools across Kenya within two years.

Outcomes Expected

The overall long-term outcome of the initiative is to see young men (boys) become men of honor who recognize and unlock their potential of being leaders in their areas of influence while displaying confidence, responsibility and a renewed sense of giving back. The short-term to medium-term outcomes expected from the initiative are boys with improved academic performance and discipline, a higher transition rate through the school system, strengthened family and societal values, youth with strong community connections and volunteerism culture, and an enhanced career and life skills opportunities for the boys.

To make this initiative successful, KCDF is seeking to build partnerships and collaborations with, among others, the following partners:

a) Ministry of Education (National & County Level)

b) Ministry of devolution-Youth programme

c) Parents Teachers Associations-PTA

d) NACADA – National Commission for Control of Alcohol & Drug Abuse

e) Media

f) Private sector

g) Faith Based Organizations

h) Host communities & General Public

i) School going boys (High school)

j) Out of school youth/young adults (specifically male)

How will the Initiative be Implemented?

Working with partners, the initiative will adopt the following strategies:

a) Peer-to- peer interactions among and across high school boys

b) Public dialogue through talk show discussions on diverse media platforms

c) Inspirational, motivational and career talks

d) Community and Corporate sector involvement through in school mentorship and involvement of old boys

e) Promoting Community service among youth - volunteerism.

f) Competitive scholarships scheme for needy cases

Get Involved

Building confident, well-moulded and visionary young men who recognize and unlock their potential will drive growth in the country; reduce their vulnerability to crime, immorality and drugs. Investing in the boy child is, therefore, investing in cohesion and prosperity.

You can participate in this noble initiative in the following ways;


Adopt one school of your choice at a cost of Kshs.500,000 per annum (school within a radius of 100 KMS from Nairobi County). The school must demonstrate interest and commitment to the initiative.
• Support a fundraising event to raise the profile and resource for the initiative.
• Provide opportunities for KCDF to recruit champions or mentors in your esteemed company.


• Provide opportunities for KCDF to recruit men of integrity as champions or mentors in your networks.
• Provide KCDF with linkages to potential companies for funding opportunities.
• Connect KCDF to potential schools that have shown interest and commitment for the initiative.
• Support the initiative by making a personal donation of KES 1250 monthly / quarterly/annually.

To sponsor, champion and support this initiative, contact us through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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