Girl Child Program

In too many societies in Kenya girls still face the double discrimination of being young and being female. They are pulled out of school, married early, and are more likely to be subjected to violence.

Girls also have less opportunity to be educated, are more at risk of gender-based violence, female genital mutilation and face greater risks of economic and sexual exploitation. These challenges and other inhibitive cultural practices continue to negatively affect admission and retention of girls in schools.

The Girl Child Empowerment and Development Programme seeks to address these challenges encountered by the girl child in Kenya through our grant making efforts and by working with other partners who are passionate about these issues that seek to give the girl child an equal chance to compete and lead a fulfilled life.

KCDF in collaboration with other partners have continued to increase the number of girls transiting successfully to higher levels of education through provision of education scholarships and life skills acquisition under the programme. KCDF also advocates for policy changes towards greater protection of girls from violence and discrimination in school and at home. We involve men and boys as key players in acting as allies for girls’ rights by enhancing their capacity on the same.

The Girl Child programme also implements a transformational process called the Global Give Back Circle (GGBC) which is a registered Clinton Global Initiative Commitment. The process provides Kenyan girls from disadvantaged backgrounds, many of them orphans, the opportunity to acquire quality education, life skills, work readiness exposure and financial support to escape the cycle of poverty and empower the next generation by recipient girls giving back to their societies.

The process also focuses on transition of post-secondary school graduates, to College or University Education through to societal launch. Currently, the programme supports over 535 girls.

GGBC integrates partners from the Public and Private sectors from all over the world. There are over 20 corporate partners and International Organizations supporting the programme.


KCDF receives funding to support the girl child program from Partners.

KCDF has also established a Girl Child Fund in recognition of the fact that permanent change in this area requires years of investment to support girl child development initiatives.


Support our work with community groups across the country.

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