Asset Development

Access to and control of resources is a prerequisite for self reliance at national and community level. Control of these resources allows communities to address those issues that most concern them - free from external conditionalities of funding.

KCDF’s Community Asset Building Programme’s objective is to build significant capital – endowment - whose returns will enable KCDF to make grants to credible institutions working with communities, in perpetuity.

The programme is implemented through mobilizing resources for an endowment fund by engaging a wide range of people (fund builders) to build a variety of linked permanent funds invested in one large pool. With economies of scale, this pooling of funds not only facilitates better profits but also allows:

• Closer supervision of the investment portfolio; and

• Diversification of the portfolio of investments and protection of each endowment funds’ Principal

Most of the fund builders under the programmes are community based organizations who contribute towards the pool from amounts ranging from Ksh 500,000 (USD 5882) to Ksh 30 Million (USD 352,941).

Several individuals, families and companies have also bought this concept and have established legacy funds for community support on issues that they are passionate about.

As part of its efforts of growing the endowment from Ksh 340 Million (US$4million) to Ksh 1.2 Billion (US$12 million) by year 2018 as stipulated in our strategic plan, KCDF has bolstered its fundraising initiatives which encourage more local giving by individuals and corporate organisation, growth of community funds to promote sustainability of their initiatives as well as prudent investments by the organisation.

KCDF welcomes local and international funding partners and philanthropists to build and/or support KCDF through:

Unrestricted Funds

These are unrestricted contributions that ensure that funding partners continue to serve relevant community/societal needs. By giving to KCDF the unrestricted fund, funding partners ensure that KCDF continues to carefully analyse Kenya’s development needs and support innovative approaches to address them.

Community Funds

These are permanent funds put into the endowment for the benefit of community in a particular geographical area. Once it is in the endowment pool, it is available for any charitable purpose in that geographical area. An advisory committee set up by the community makes decisions on what to use the funds for.

Our Investment Policy

The need for accountability cannot be over-emphasized and it is for this reason that KCDF has diligently worked on and produced an investment policy statement. The Board of Trustees is responsible for establishing investment objectives and strategies of equity, fixed income and case investment as it determines appropriate.

This ensures that the endowment fund grows and that interest, as appropriately allocated by the Board, is ploughed back into the work of addressing various development-related needs and creating wealth in Kenya.


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