Making it to Medical School against All Odds

When Mackline Nyanchama’s grandmother passed on, her death was blamed on witchcraft. But the young girl was not convinced, and the tragic incident disturbed her for a long time, “what if it was

Where Art meets Agriculture

 The tomato plants supported by strings have filled the greenhouse to the brim.

“The cold weather here in Limuru is not good for tomatoes, they do

Teaching her way out of poverty

Kiambu town was full of buzz as we made our way to the village of Ndumberi, where Keziah Njeri has grown up for the last twenty-two years of her

More Girls for Engineering

 Beryl Akinyi Sewe

I never always knew about vehicles. But now I am learning so much about vehicles. I work for the government, in the State

From a Dusty Town to Medical School

Mandeq Adowo Mohamed

‘Growing up in Wajir was dry’, Mandek shares. ‘But when you are born in a dry place it does not seem as dry. It seems normal

Hope in Despair

Alice is a fourth year at the Technical University of Kenya, studying Biochemistry. She attended Starehe Girls Center where she got into the GGBC program.

Rising from a Humble Background

Who’s is Irene?

I grew up in Kisumu. A place called Manyatta. I’m the first born of four children. My dad died when I was about four years old. My mom - a small scale businesswoman – was the sole breadwinner.

Aspiring for a Better Life

I’m from Busia in Nyanza. I was raised in the shanty in Kangemi. There’s the village part of it called Kibagare. I’m not usually afraid to say where I came from because that is the place that influenced who I am today.

On the Path to Giving Back

Cetrine is lithe with a sharp smile. She’s studying Clothing, Textile and Interior Design at Egerton University. She loves all things to do with interior decor. She’s an artsy girl. In her room back in university, her room is adorned with beautiful curtains and carpets, some of which she often makes herself.

Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Edith doesn’t remember her mother or father. She knows where she’s from, though, a place in Homa Bay County called Kanyipiri. She remembers the person who raised her: her grandmother. She is told that when her parents died, when she was only six months old, she spent some time at an orphanage.

On the Road to Being a Financial Analyst

There is something about Virginia when you meet her for the first time. An abundance. Confidence. Drive. A fire. Yes! Definitely a fire. It oozes through even when she isn’t talking.

Thriving Beyond a Harmful Cultural Custom

When Hibo was 12 years old, a little girl growing up in Tana River, she was circumcised. She was circumcised by an old woman, as custom demanded.

Girl taunted for family background finds home, bright future in GGBC

“No child chooses to belong to a single mother,” says 23-year-old Mildred Khalayi, a beneficiary of Global Give Back Circle (GGBC). With tears almost rolling down her cheeks, Mildred could not hide her emotions as she recounts her ordeal in the hands of other children at school.

From the grazing fields to a business class at the University

Mary Waturi Maina, 23, understands too well what it means to be raised in a poor family headed by a single parent in a remote rural village in Nyahururu.

Upcoming entrepreneur owes it all to GGBC

Her face brightens with hope and joy as she narrates how far Global Give Back Circle (GGBC) has transformed her into an upcoming entrepreneur. Lydia Bartilol says the circle came to her rescue at the right time when she really needed a helping hand.

From Beneficiary to Benefactor

Lul Omar was brought up by her grandmother after she lost both her parents when she was still a toddler. Luckily, her grandmother took her to primary school in Rhamu, a tiny town in North Eastern Kenya.

Excelling Despite All Odds

Lucy Wambua is the first born in a family of two children. “My younger brother and I were orphaned at the age of nine when I was in class three. I was left in the custody of my maternal grandmother who is now in her late 60s.

Girl Child Initiative Empowers Girl to Succeed Despite Challenges

Like other children from middle income families, Jacqueline Chepkemoi Selim and her five siblings had a good life at their tender age - learning at one of the high-end private schools in Kericho town and enjoying other luxuries that their peers could only dream of.


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