Thank you for believing in me

Dear Partners, Advocates and Friends,

On behalf of all of the beneficiaries in the Global Give Back Circle, I would like to convey our heart-felt gratitude for your support in this noble programme. Without it, we would not be where we are today – empowered and enabled to be the next generation of women leaders in Kenya.

Being a beneficiary of the programme means a lot to me. It has changed my whole life in a very dramatic way. Being a dreamer alone is worthless, but being enabled so that my dreams become a reality changes everything.

I now know that I am going to make it in life, in a very good way. And, it is all because of your partnership in this special Clinton Global Initiative Commitment, making it possible to transition me and other girls like me through tertiary education and into employment and global citizenship.

I would like to let you know of one thing that I am sure of: All of your efforts will not go to waste!Your investment in the education and employment of women and girls is what President Clinton refers to as ‘Good Economics’. You are guiding the development of future leaders - leaders who will continue to give back to other disadvantaged individuals in society and in the process we will reverse the circle of poverty in our country.

You have changed our lives so that we can become nurses, teachers, engineers, IT specialists, doctors, chefs, social workers, bankers, journalists, accountants, entrepreneurs, lawyers, etc. Know that your support is in the right place, and we are not going to let you down in all that we do.

One of the fundamentals of our program is giving back. We as beneficiaries make annual give back commitments starting the moment we enter this circle. We will not only be empowered and capable employees of the future – we will be benevolent ones too.

We are grateful and cannot thank you enough.

Yours faithfully,

Vera Oreti - Ambassador and Beneficiary

Global Give Back Circle - GGBC

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