As you enter Rabuor primary school situated in Kisumu County, you cannot help but notice the condition of its classrooms. Most are old, some condemned unfit for learning and students from the lower classrooms are forced to learn under trees and makeshift classrooms which presents its own challenges altogether, for both teachers and students.

“The situation of the classrooms is beyond what we as a public school can meet. We have a high enrollment compared to the availability of classrooms,” quips the school headmaster, Mr. Charles Odida. Upon this realization in 2011, the school management began sensitizing the parents on the importance of giving and mobilizing resources towards building new classrooms. The school developed a partnership with Kidi Luanda Community Based Organization to address this growing problem.

 “We started to bring parents together and encouraged them to contribute towards the fundraising kitty set aside for new classrooms.” adds Charles Odida. The project is aimed at accelerating school development and encourages people to give. Kidi Luanda organization through its project coordinator, Maline Orero, shared with the school community on KCDF’s matching ‘shilling for a shilling’ grant program- Pamoja for Change (P4C) and how the school was in a position to benefit from their fundraising efforts. 

“When Maline talked to the school committee regarding KCDF’s matching grant program, we were doubtful because of past experiences where people came and made promises but never come through,” adds the head teacher. However, they were convinced to visit the KCDF website and get the information first hand for themselves. After witnessing what the program is about and how it has benefitted other communities across Kenya, the committee was able to convince Rabuor community to fundraise aggressively towards the classroom’s project.

The school committee together with the parent body organized the community to hold a day for fundraising in the school compound. Parents, teachers, pupils, various alumni and other guests attended the fundraiser and managed to raise Kshs. 300,000 in that one sitting. The school project has taught the school a valuable lesson in regards to resource mobilization and addressing their community needs. They realize that they have the power to make a change if they are willing to work together in addressing issues that affect them as a community.

The project has brought on new partnerships for the school, one of them being OGRA Foundation, a Kenyan NGO whose one of the founder’s was taught by Mr. Charles Odida. This partnership has brought a great reward to the school’s feeding program. Rabuor primary will benefit from a three year pilot feeding program that will see the whole school, from ECD to class eight pupils incorporated. The Ministry of Agriculture has also committed to setting up two greenhouses to sustain the school feeding program.

The two classrooms built will benefit 40 students from the lower primary school.

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