Mwangaza Poa Project


Riziki Kenya is a welfare and community development organization formalized in year 2001 to engage in the empowerment and transformational development in various projects in Kenya. Riziki Kenya’s mission is to transform lives through providing and enabling environment for holistic child development and empowering the community for self reliance.

On regards to environmental conservation and eco-friendly products, Riziki Kenya has embarked on providing a cheaper and user friendly source of solar powered lights called “D-Light” to its community members under the flagship of the “Mwangaza Poa Project”.


Martin, a Riziki Kenya Officer, demonstrates how to use the Solar powered lamps.

The solar powered lights can either be bought on cash or by a loan term, the lamp costs Kshs. 3500 but on loan terms a deposit of Kshs.500 is required then a loan plus interest is fully payable in 26 weekly payments of Kshs. 150 each. A loan application form is available on request if one is not able to pay the full amount.

After purchase of the lamp, one is given a Faulty Light Tracking Form which they are supposed to fill whenever they encounter a problem with the lamp and shall report to the Riziki officers who shall look into the matter. Along with the Faulty Light Tracking Form comes a D-Light Passbook, this book serves two purposes.

Mwangaza poa

Members of the Kibera Community follow keenly during the training on how to use the Solar powered lamps by "Mwangaza Poa".

The first being that it shows a personalized record of the consumers payment track record and the second displays a section where the consumer fill the book from the date, the charge hours, light use hours, mode used (low,mid & high), other usage hours and remarks on any faulty issue arising.

The solar powered lights require 8-hours of charge before they are to be used in the household. The very resilient and weather-proof D-Lights can last for as long as 3-days when being used in the low setting, 12-hours, on the mid setting and 4-hours on the high setting. The solar powered lights are also capable of charging a phone for upto 2 hours every day.

Phanice Chimoly

Phanice Chimoly, a beneficiary of the "Mwangaza Poa" pilot project elaborates the benefits of using the Solar powered lamp.

The lights have not only made it environmental friendly for the households but have also enabled the users save on money that they used to buy paraffin every day Phanice Chimoly, a beneficiary of the pilot project alliterates that she has been able to save Kshs. 300 every week ever since she got the solar powered D-light three months ago. She also adds that her home is cleaner now, thanks to the solar light as compared to the paraffin lamp she used before.

A Riziki Kenya official hands over a Solar powered lamp to one of the buyers after the training session.

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