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Established in 1997, KCDF supports local community development initiatives through grant making and capacity building of local organizations.

KCDF holds strongly that systemic change is possible when communities are able to initiate and drive their development agenda, work with governments and other actors to access basic rights and services as well as harness and grow their own resources.

In an effort to assist communities pursue sustainable development and social justice, the foundation continues to partner with and facilitate the strengthening of local communities and their community organizations by: Building strong and credible institutions for sustainable development of communities; influencing and fostering favorable policy framework and an enabling environment for organized giving and social justice. KCDF makes this possible through carefully designed programmes under the following key thematic areas:

  1. Livelihood, Environment and Climate Change Adaptation
  2. Education, Youth and Children
  3. Policy, Research and Advocacy
  4. Capacity Development & Organizational Development

Please watch this space for any Call for Proposals that may be available in the future.

May 16, 2018

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May 14, 2018

Breaking the Glass Ceiling

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