KCDF is a Kenyan development grant-making organization, founded and registered in 1997 as a public foundation that supports communities to initiate and drive their development agenda by harnessing and growing their resources.

KCDF supports sustainable development of communities by working in a number of key sectors across the country that include: Livelihoods Development; Economic Empowerment & Entrepreneurship; Food Security & Climate Change Adaptation; Education, Youth & Children and Policy, Research & Advocacy, as key strategies in promotion of social justice. KCDF also perceives capacity building and the strengthening of local institutions as key and central part in achieving the sustainability agenda.


KCDF promotes sustainable development of communities for social justice through institution building, partnerships, resource development and policy influencing.




The Education, Youth and Children’s (EYC) work aims to support innovative approaches to strengthening education access, retention, transition and improved learning outcomes for Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and out-of-school youth. The approach focuses on holistic development of children and youth into productive members of society as well as strengthening service delivery systems at local level.

Our work places emphasis on multi-stakeholder approach to education & youth programming, capacity development, policy enhancement and promotion of entrepreneurship for out-of-school youth.

The Livelihood Environment and Climate Change Adaptation (LEC) work seeks to strengthen the ability of Kenyan communities to access sufficient income and resources necessary to meet their basic needs while making them resilient to shocks and stresses. This is done by empowering communities to generate and diversify their income, enhance physical and economic access to food supply, adaptation to climate change and promotion of sustainable natural resource management to improve their quality of life.

KCDF believes that systemic and enduring change is possible when communities are able to initiate and drive their development agenda, work with governments & other actors to access basic rights and services as well as harness and grow their own resources. KCDF therefore spends between 25% and 38% of its resources annually on capacity development in helping grow local institutions which will continue to ensure sustainable development in local communities.



Sustainability is at the heart of KCDF’s work. In line with this approach, the Foundation continues to grow an endowment fund whose proceeds will continue to be invested in KCDF work with communities. KCDF also partners with organized communities and individuals who invest their funds alongside KCDF’s endowment fund.


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