Patrick Kinuthia

Patrick Kinuthia says: “My early influences were Norman Rockwell. His photographic like paintings captivated me. I later got to see prints of David Shepherd wildlife art and it inspired me to do wildlife paintings”

Born in Nairobi’s Red Hill near the Ngecha Art Village in 1968, Kinuthia’s first job as an artist was at their family movie business, Citizen Cinema, between 1985 to 1989 as a publicity artist for various movie halls. He worked under a Pakistani realist artist and mural painter, Mohamed Rafiq. He later became a graphic designer and joined Kenya Polytechnic College to study graphic design. In 1997 he become a freelance artist. He largely paints live models, common everyday scenes e.g. at the market, landscapes and wildlife.

Kinuthia has become one of the most exhibited and highly collectable artists in the region.

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