Kathy Katuti

Kathy Katuti lives and works in Nairobi, Kenya. Her experiments with different media resulted in her use of many techniques when creating watercolour, acrylics, textured paintings and paper mosaics.

During her life in visual art, Kathy has explored different expressions of art, ranging from formal to conceptual artwork, human figures to landscapes. She strives to create work that engages in a new way with environmental issues by blending her sensitivity to the environment with a contemporary form that reflects her own sensitivity and artistic interests.

Kathy’s ‘fantasy colours’ artwork combine the desire to visually explore the beauty of Kenyan wildlife in its natural habitat, and embody that concept in Semi-abstract art context.

Recycled paper have become prominent in her paintings. The paintings give a flavor of the remarkable landscapes traversed and they are done from her own perspective. For Kathy, the variety of habitats and strong definite light make Africa an artist’s paradise.

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